Boat rental service

You can rent a boat, convenient, fast, efficient and spend a day in total freedom to explore the beautiful places that are located along our coast.

Key Benefits:

    Having a wide range of boats
Continued assistance of our personnel
Ability to manage their day

You can choose between: the boat, the boat and goiter (with crew). Depending on your needs, the number of people and the type of activities (diving, hiking, fishing, etc.) That you want to play. The motors in each of our boats range from 40 hp (without license) to 120 hp, and outboard. Their guide is simple, after receiving the simple directions from our staff, their use will be really nice. Becoming yourself commanders of your boat, you can manage your day at your leisure, and decided to go on the west side (ionic) or to the east (Adriatic), or both. You will have the possibility of anchoring in the vicinity of countless inlets and coves that will be the backdrop to an unforgettable day.


They are the ideal means both to spend a day in total freedom, sailing along the coast in search of the most beautiful caves and coves, both for those who want to make diving or want to spend a day fishing. It is of speedboats and easy to drive, built in fiberglass with planing hull and steering console with central. Their length f.t. It varies from 5.10 am 5.95 m (depending on the model) and are complete with: cushions, awning, ladder and safety equipment for navigation within 1 mile from the coast.